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The pre-employment journey is a critical phase for both employers and candidates, as it sets the foundation for a successful and safe working relationship. To optimise this process, businesses are turning to occupational health platforms that offer a fast-track and visual journey of candidates. These innovative software solutions not only streamline the pre-employment process but also ensure compliance with occupational health and safety regulations. In this article, we will explore how these platforms revolutionise candidate management.

Efficient candidate onboarding

My Occ Health Record (MOHR) connects businesses, their employees and health professionals in a sustainable and cost-effective way. It provides a seamless and efficient onboarding experience for candidates by digitising and automating various stages of the pre-employment journey, such as health and medical assessments, ultimately eliminating paperwork and manual processes. This allows employers to fast-track candidate progress, reducing the time and effort needed to complete necessary requirements1. There is no need for printing assessments, hand-filling and then scanning, as it’s all entered into one system.

Visualising candidate progress recruitment

Visual representations play a crucial role in enhancing understanding and tracking progress. MOHR uses intuitive dashboards and visual charts to display candidate journeys in a clear and concise manner. The MOHR platform tracks each assessment as they occur – employers can easily track the completion of pre-employment tasks, check outstanding requirements, and show any bottlenecks. This visual representation allows for quick decision-making and ensures that no candidate falls through the cracks during the hiring process2.

Integrated communication and collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are vital during the pre-employment journey. Individuals are auto-allocated to pre-employment assessments specific to the role they are applying for, then assigned to either our network of clinics, your own service providers, or in-house health professionals for completion. Through secure messaging systems, candidates can receive important updates, clarification on requirements, and request assistance when needed. Employers can also communicate directly with healthcare professionals, ensuring a streamlined flow of information and expedited decision-making3.

Real-time monitoring

Compliance with occupational health and safety regulations is of paramount importance for Australian businesses. With MOHR you have complete oversight and can see all assessments in real-time, ensuring that candidates meet all necessary health and safety requirements. These platforms allow employers to track and document compliance at each stage of the pre-employment journey, such as reviewing medical clearances and confirming the completion of mandatory pre-employment assessments. This real-time monitoring capability ensures that only qualified and compliant candidates progress through the hiring process4.

Centralised data management

Occupational health platforms serve as centralised repositories for candidate data, simplifying data management and ensuring data privacy. All relevant information, including medical records and test results, is securely stored within the platform. This centralised approach allows authorised personnel to access candidate information quickly and efficiently, reducing administrative overhead and improving data accuracy. Moreover, compliance with privacy laws and data protection regulations, such as the Privacy Act 1988, is upheld5.

Customisable workflows

Every business has unique pre-employment requirements and processes. Our occupational health platform offers customisable workflows that can be tailored to suit specific needs. Employers can define and automate the sequence of tasks, create custom forms, and set alerts for important deadlines. This flexibility ensures that the platform aligns with the existing recruitment processes and can accommodate industry-specific requirements6.

Occupational health platforms have transformed the pre-employment journey for Australian businesses by introducing efficiency, visualisation, and compliance management. These digital solutions streamline candidate onboarding and provide visual representations.

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Reviewed by Jeorja Cox, Head of Customer Success



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