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In recent years, occupational health and safety have become paramount concerns for Australian businesses, given the growing impact of work-related health issues on productivity and employee wellbeing. Health surveillance, a critical part of any workplace health program, involves the systematic monitoring of employees’ health to identify potential hazards and prevent occupational illnesses.

Advancements in technology have revolutionised health surveillance practices, with the integration of occupational health software, like My Occ Health Record (MOHR), presenting numerous benefits for businesses across Australia. This article explores how occupational health software can be effectively utilised to enhance health surveillance and ensure a safer and healthier workforce.

How can occupational health software be used for data collection and analysis?

One of the primary advantages of using occupational health software for health surveillance is its ability to streamline data collection and analysis. Traditional paper-based systems can be cumbersome and error-prone, leading to delays in identifying potential health risks. In contrast, modern software solutions allow for real-time data entry, automatic updates, and comprehensive tracking of employees’ health status.

By centralising health data, employers and health practitioners can analyse trends and identify patterns that may indicate emerging health concerns within the workforce. This valuable insight enables proactive interventions, such as targeted health education and training programs, to address specific health risks promptly.

MOHR provides employers with a platform that centralises all employee health records in one secure location. That allows employers to create and easily access an employee’s file and view all reports, documents and records saved across an individual’s employment lifecycle, from pre-employment assessments to health surveillance activity, injury prevention events, and wellbeing interactions.

Can occupational health software be used for the early detection of health issues?

Occupational health software enables businesses to implement early detection measures, crucial in preventing health issues from escalating. Through regular health assessments and health surveillance, potential illnesses related to workplace exposure can be identified in their initial stages. This early detection facilitates timely medical interventions and can significantly reduce the severity and duration of health issues.

The MOHR platform allows you to run one-off health surveillance activities or build health surveillance assessments with ease to monitor the health of the employee population over time.

Furthermore, the software’s capability to automate reminders for health assessments provides employers with the confidence that their employee’s health and safety are consistently assessed and measured, with emails sent whenever an employee is due for health monitoring.

Does MOHR comply with Australian workplace standards?

The implementation of occupational health software aids Australian businesses in maintaining compliance with rigorous workplace health and safety standards. The software is designed to align with relevant regulations, ensuring that health surveillance practices meet legal requirements.

In Australia, where occupational health and safety laws vary across states and territories, a unified health surveillance system can immensely help businesses with operations in multiple locations. Not only does the software help standardise health data collection, but it also makes it easier for employers to consolidate information and generate comprehensive reports for regulatory compliance.

Does occupational health software support remote health monitoring?

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote work arrangements, the ability to monitor employees’ health remotely has become increasingly valuable. Occupational health software provides a secure platform for remote health monitoring, enabling businesses to continue health surveillance efforts even when employees are working from home or in remote locations.

Data security, privacy and quality have been built in from the very start of MOHR. Safely storing employee health data is in our DNA. Being ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified has significant benefits, not only for our clients but also for the sustainability of our organisation.

Occupational health software has emerged as a game-changer for health surveillance in Australian businesses. Through streamlined data collection and analysis, early detection of health issues, compliance with workplace standards, and the ability to monitor employees’ health remotely, these software solutions have significantly enhanced workplace health and safety practices.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies like MOHR, businesses can proactively monitor the wellbeing of their employees and cultivate a safer and healthier work environment. As technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for businesses to invest in these innovative solutions to remain at the forefront of occupational health and safety best practices.

MOHR is a revolutionary software platform that streamlines the management and storage of occupational health information. We aim to provide our clients with one central system to store all employee health records while providing improved oversight for managers, in-depth reporting and analytics, detailed progress tracking and regular compliance updates. To explore how this platform can support your business, contact our team today.


Reviewed by Georgie Botto, Head of Product & Customer