The My Occ Health Record Platform

My Occ Health Record (MOHR) is a revolutionary software platform that streamlines the management and storage of occupational health information. MOHR aims to provide our clients with one central system to store all employee health records while providing improved oversight for managers, in-depth reporting & analytics, detailed progress tracking and regular compliance updates.

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About the MOHR Platform

Over the last decade, the team at MOHR have developed and created an industry-first tech platform that has changed the way employers understand and manage the health of their workforce.

MOHR is a central hub that provides employers with a secure method for collecting, managing and storing all employee health data. MOHR not only stores and manages information, it provides clients with high-level reporting and analytics, the ability to manage contractors, the functionality to communicate with key stakeholder groups including employees and the ability to automatically trigger reminders and assessment bookings to ensure compliance at all times.

My Occ Health Record Platform: How it Works

As part of our tech-driven solutions, we recommend that the core employee health management module within the MOHR system is utilised to store and manage employee health records. Records will automatically be uploaded and stored against an individual employees name. Everything is stored in one central location and can be accessed by key personnel who have been granted permission or select work groups such as your medical team.

The MOHR system has the ability to integrate through an API with a company’s HR system so that employee details can automatically be updated, new employees can be automatically added to the system and when employees leave their record can automatically be archived.

As part of the platform set up, it is recommended that an Occupational Health Risk profile is set up for each job type. The occupational health risk profile then dictates the pre employment requirements and the health surveillance triggers i.e. every 2 years employee needs to complete a hearing assessment. The job task analysis is stored within the occupational health risk profile along with any hygiene or environmental reports that are applicable to that job type.

What sets us apart

MOHR drives your assessment requirements – authorised health professionals complete the pre-set modules to ensure all minimum benchmarks are met.

The platform can automate the scheduling for all assessment requirements, reducing the time required to oversee programs with improved visibility.

Ability to view an employee’s process and track all assessments, results and reports at the click of a button allowing complete oversight.

Live analytics platform and reporting tools that allow managers at every level to capture, organise and extract data to create actionable insights.

Communication tools that allow you to easily contact our team and provides you with up to date information on employees and assessments.

Example MOHR Platform Modules

Below are some of the My Occ Health Record module options. Each module has an online booking system, a variety reporting and analytics option and appointment tracking features (where applicable).

  • Employee Health Management
  • Pre Employment Screening
  • COVID-19 Daily Health Check
  • Injury Prevention
  • Fitness for Work
  • Wellbeing Activities
  • Health Surveillance
  • Provider Management
  • Occ Health Risk Profile
  • Administration Portal
  • Support Desk
  • Contractor Management
  • My Employee Health Record
  • My COVID Health Check

"The next generation of occupational health management and data storage."