Platform Features and Modules

My Occ Health Record (MOHR) is a revolutionary software platform that streamlines the management and storage of occupational health information. MOHR aims to provide our clients with one central system to store all employee health records while providing improved oversight for managers, in-depth reporting and analytics, detailed progress tracking and regular compliance updates.

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Employee Health Management

Centralise all employee health records in one secure location with the Employee Health Management module. Create and easily access an employee’s file and view all reports, documents and records saved across an individual’s employment lifecycle, from pre employment assessments, to health surveillance activity, injury prevention events, and wellbeing interactions. All data captured within the MOHR platform is automatically added to an employee’s file, with options to manually upload additional documents or digitally transfer existing records to establish a central source of truth.

Pre-Employment Screening

Book, allocate and track pre-employment assessments from start to finish with our Pre-Employment Module.

Individuals are auto allocated to pre-employment assessments specific to the role they are applying for, then assigned to either our network of clinics, your own service providers, or in-house health professionals for completion.

Clinicians enter test results directly into the platform, enabling you to view interim reports as a candidate progresses through the process; track exactly where each candidate is in the process; and convert any successful candidates into employees with their pre-employment reports automatically added to their employee file as a baseline. Fitslip or full reports for each completed pre-employment assessment are available in the system immediately after completion.

Health Surveillance

Run one-off health surveillance activities or build health surveillance assessments with ease to monitor the health of your employee population over time. Your benefits include:

  • Data is captured digitally at the point of care to enable you to track trends in an individual employee’s health over time;
  • Understand risks in certain job types;
  • Make data-driven decisions on occupational health spending based on the risks identified in your employee population.

This module also enables you to set up rules for automatic repeats and reminders in the system, alleviating the need for manual tracking and spreadsheets, and providing you with the confidence that your employee’s health and safety are consistently assessed and measured, with emails sent whenever an employee is due for health monitoring.

Provider Management

Choose from our network of occupational health providers or invite your own with one click through the Provider Management Module. Once set up in the platform, work can be assigned to any invited provider, whether it be medical clinics, individual clinicians, or service providers. This enables you to retain access and visibility throughout assessment processes and keep all your data in one centralised location, even if using multiple providers or changing your providers over time.

Additional Features

MOHR hosts a series of other features including:

  • An Administration Portal which allows organisations to configure all aspects of the MOHR platform to their business needs, including their organisational tree, user roles and access permissions, employee job types and onsite schedules.
  • The Support and Help Desk where users can access FAQs, user guides and resources on each of the MOHR modules, as well as contact with our helpful support team.
  • A Notification Builder which allows organisations to customise and configure assessment notifications to align with the organisation’s tone of voice, branding and occupational health processes.
  • The Occ Health Risk Profile where users can create risk profiles for individuals and job types across their organisation that share similar occupational risks to streamline assessment creation and ensure all required tests are conducted on each employee.


An Injury Prevention and Wellbeing Activities Modules are currently under construction and will be available to use soon.

Your data is safe with MOHR

Our cloud-based solution is housed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS, as most are aware, are among the Gold Standard providers in the cloud computing space. AWS provides significant security at all levels of the cloud. As for your data in the cloud, it is encrypted both at rest and in transit (a fancy phrase that means that we use encryption even when we are sending data from the app to the cloud, and then once in the cloud it is encrypted again).

MOHR also offers the ability for clients to customise roles and permissions allowing you to choose who sees your data.

Data security and privacy have been built in from the very start of MOHR – Safely storing employee health data is in our DNA.

Quality Management Principles Assured

MOHR is ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 sets out the criteria for a quality management system and is based on quality management principles that include a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top management, the process approach and continual improvement. MOHR is audited against those standards every year. Our clients can have full trust and confidence that we are a best-practice organisation, and our quality management systems are robust.

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