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What is occupational health software?

Occupational health software, like My Occ Health Record (MOHR), is a central hub that provides employers with a secure method for collecting, managing, storing, and analysing all employee health data always providing oversight and compliance. By using software like this, employers can streamline their occupational health processes, enhance workplace safety, and ensure compliance with local regulations1.

Can occupational health software help employers with compliance requirements?

Occupational health software can assist employers in meeting compliance requirements. It allows them to track and manage compliance tasks, such as managing health assessments, maintaining up-to-date employee health records, and monitoring employee health through health surveillance tools. The software can generate reports that demonstrate compliance with relevant regulations, including the Work Health and Safety Act 20112.

How can occupational health software enhance communication and collaboration within businesses?

Occupational health software typically includes features that enable effective communication and collaboration. Information can be accessed securely and ensures appropriate support is provided to both employers and employees when needed3.

MOHR offers a series of features that include:

  • An employee health management (EHM) module that allows employers to create and easily access an employee’s file and view all reports, documents and records saved across an individual’s employment lifecycle, from pre-employment assessments to health surveillance activity, injury prevention events, and wellbeing interactions.
  • A pre-employment screening module in which employers can book, allocate and track pre-employment assessments from start to finish.
  • A health surveillance module that enables employers to set up rules for automatic repeats and reminders in the system, alleviating the need for manual tracking and spreadsheets, and providing you with the confidence that your employee’s health and safety are consistently assessed and measured, with emails sent whenever an employee is due for health monitoring.
  • An administration portal that allows employers to configure all aspects of the MOHR platform to their business needs, including their organisational tree, user roles and access permissions, employee job types and onsite schedules.
  • A support and help desk that offers resources where users can access FAQs, user guides and resources on each of the MOHR modules, as well as a way to contact the helpful support team.
  • A notification centre managed by MOHR that lets employers customise and configure assessment notifications to align with their own tone of voice, branding, and occupational health processes.
  • The ability for MOHR to create risk profiles on the Occ Health Risk Profile for individuals and job types across their organisation that share similar occupational risks to streamline assessment creation and ensure all required tests are conducted on each employee.

Does occupational health software offer reporting capabilities?

MOHR provides reporting capabilities tailored to each employer’s needs. It allows employers to generate comprehensive reports on various aspects of occupational health, such as health assessments, health surveillance and employee health trends. These reports assist in decision-making, monitoring performance, and identifying areas for improvement in workplace health and safety.

Can MOHR software integrate with other business systems?

Integration capabilities with other business systems commonly used in Australia, such as human resources management systems (HRMS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is a crucial element of introducing occupational health software. The integration allows seamless data exchange, ensuring that employee information, records, and other relevant data are consistent across different systems, improving efficiency and accuracy6. MOHR has the ability to integrate with other systems on a case-by-case basis, if this is something you’re interested in please reach out on the details listed below.

How does occupational health software contribute to a proactive approach to workplace health and wellbeing in Australia?

By facilitating regular monitoring, analysis, and improvement of health and safety practices, occupational health software promotes a proactive approach to workplace health and wellbeing. It enables employers to identify trends, analyze data, and implement preventive measures to address potential risks. Australian businesses can reduce the likelihood of incidents, enhance employee well-being, and improve overall productivity by introducing occupational health software as part of their business systems 7.

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Reviewed by Jeorja Cox, Head of Customer Success


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