“Your central source of truth for all occupational health data, enabling employees to live longer and healthier lives”

My Occ Health Record (MOHR) was born out of 20 years experience within the occupational health industry and helps organisations better manage their employee health data.

20 years of experience in the health industry

Secure central source of truth for collecting, storing, sharing and analysing occ health data

Removes duplication of data and chance for human errors

We connect organisations, their employees and health professionals

Sustainable and cost effective way to manage your employee health data

No more printing assessments, hand filling and then scanning to email someone

Pain points we know exist and
how MOHR helps prevent them

No visibility of where your candidates or employees are within the health assessment process.

The MOHR platform tracks each assessment minute by minute.

No visibility of whether your health provider has booked the assessment with a clinician.

With MOHR you have complete oversight and can see all assessments in real time.

Long wait times for the completion of an assessment before being able to make the hiring decision.

With MOHR you have access to interim reports at every stage of the process.

Health provider taking too long.

MOHR allows you to easily change and connect providers at anytime, ensuring your health data remains in the system.

Employee health data all over the place.

MOHR keeps it all in one secure employee health management file, all the data on an employee in one place

Not sure what Injury prevention practices to put in place.

The data collected in MOHR will help you make better informed decisions

What sets us apart

MOHR drives your assessment requirements – authorised health professionals complete the pre-set modules to ensure all minimum benchmarks are met.

The platform can automate the scheduling for all assessment requirements, reducing the time required to oversee programs with improved visibility.

Ability to view an employee’s process and track all assessments, results and reports at the click of a button allowing complete oversight.

Live analytics platform and reporting tools that allow managers at every level to capture, organise and extract data to create actionable insights.

Communication tools that allow you to easily contact our team and provides you with up to date information on employees and assessments.

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