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Welcome to the digital age of occupational health.

About MOHR

At MOHR, we believe in using technology to revolutionise the way organisations capture, manage, analyse, and store occupational health data from within workplaces across the globe.

Our goal is to create a central source of truth for all employee health data so that this previously disparate and inconsistent data pool can be used to create better health outcomes enabling employees globally to live longer and healthier lives.

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Platform features

Centralised source of truth for all occupational health data

Easily manage candidates, employees, contractors, and FIFO workers

High-level reporting and analytics

Automatic scheduling and reminders

Track assessments in real-time

Embedded communication tools

Manage email and SMS notifications

Custom-built workflows

The faces behind the tech

At MOHR, we believe in a culture of collaboration. We pride ourselves in having a dynamic, professional, highly experienced team of passionate individuals contributing and working towards a shared vision. Combining all learnings and expertise, our multidisciplinary team consists of strategists, developers, communicators, innovators, and creators – all working towards building the best products for our clients.

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