COVID-19 Daily Health Check

As employers, the COVID-19 situation creates challenges that have continued to evolve and change. At MOHR, the health and safety of our personnel is and always has been our number one priority, so we created a tool that could screen and monitor the health of each and every one of our employees. The MOHR Daily Health Check application instils confidence in employers and our team members that it is safe for them to enter the workplace, generates data that can be used to make safer decisions for the business and for employees and puts critical information at management’s fingertips.

What it is

The Express Health Pass is a practical way to screen for potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19. The daily check is a self-administered check, where employees are required to complete a short questionnaire on their health.

Available in:

How the system works

mohr sms

Employee receives email or SMS link to complete Daily Health Check.

MOHR response

Once submitted, if any of the responses fall outside the defined rules, the employee is notified and asked to contact their manager.

Mohr management portal

Key stakeholders and management can access all employee responses to review data and responses at individual, team site and organisational levels, in addition to looking at data over time. Managers can review responses to ensure that any preventative measures are put in place and can actively manage and monitor the process.

MOHR Health Check


MOHR Daily Health Check Benefits

Employee is provided with a self assessment tool to monitor their individual health.

MOHR Daily Health Check Benefits

Managers have a tool that allows them to ensure the health and safety of the workplace and their onsite teams.

MOHR Daily Health Check Benefits

Managers have the ability to identify individual employees who may require additional medical advice or support.

MOHR Daily Health Check Benefits

Managers have access to the MOHR Management portal, where all health check results can be securely stored and managed.


Head of Football Operations
North Melbourne Football Club

We are absolutely loving the Daily Health Check. It has totally removed the administration work that we were previously doing and I’m now able to have complete oversight at the click of a button. The notifications when someone flags in the system, mean that we are able to move quickly to ensure that we are able to keep our players, families and official safe, and that’s really important to myself and the wider management team at North.

"Providing you and your employees with the confidence to know that it’s safe to enter the workplace."