Rapid Antigen Testing Integration

To combat the spread of COVID-19, organisations are looking for solutions to monitor and manage the testing of their employees. MOHR's integration of Rapid Antigen Testing allows your business to detect potential risks early, while efficiently tracking and managing the health and safety of your workforce.

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Creating confidence through technology

As we work together as a global community to stop the spread of COVID-19, organisations are looking for ways to protect their teams, their patrons, their members and the broader community throughout this pandemic. Businesses are also starting to put in place plans for managing ongoing outbreaks, vaccinations and surveillance testing.

To assist organisations across the globe we have created a simple and easy to use digital health check and data storage tool…

How the integration works

Requests for employee Rapid Antigen tests are entered into the My Occ Health Record platform, creating a tracking record and generating the required documentation for the test provider.

Once the screen is completed, the results are automatically integrated into the MOHR platform.

All data securely stored in the Management Portal where employers can review results, update the status, capture additional information and manage the process.

"Providing you and your employee's with the confidence to know that it’s safe to enter the workplace."