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QR code check-in: which app is best for your business?

By 22/01/2021No Comments

An electronic check-in system is a baseline for a COVID-safe business. But make sure it will help you with business continuity. 

By Brian Borowsky

State and territory governments around Australia have launched applications to help businesses capture data about anyone who enters their premises: employees, visitors and customers. Launched by a QR code using your phone, the apps provide an easy way –– for a business to electronically capture contact information when someone enters. They aim to assist with contact tracing in case needed.

These government apps are provided to businesses for free, in order to help them meet the bare-minimum standards of a COVID-safe workplace.  This is a great help to those businesses who don’t know where to start.

It’s important to note that these apps are designed by the government for mass use, and they capture contact details only. As such, they may not meet your needs as a business, and it is worth thinking about your businesses goals before deciding that this path is the right one for you.

MOHR’s Daily Health Check app can also assist with business QR code-based check-in and contact tracing. People have been asking me about the difference between these free apps and MOHR’s Daily Health Check, so I’ve broken it down for you.


Government apps: built for the masses

The government apps were designed to quickly and easily capture contact details, store those details securely, and allow those details to be accessed by the government if — and only if — health authorities need to access the information in relation to a COVID-19 case. And they do this basic task very well; it’s a good solution for shops, cafes restaurants and other businesses with lots of people traffic.

As a business using these free apps, though, you won’t be able to access any of the information that your employees and guests submit. This data is stored (securely and privately) by the government, and then deleted after 28 days if not needed.

If a member of your staff tests positive, for instance, you will not be able to access the information to begin your own proactive contact-tracing operation, or to immediately work with your employees to define best next steps to ensure business continuity and resilience. Instead, the government will access this data on your behalf, and will begin their own contact-tracing operation.

Importantly, these free apps don’t allow you to request any additional information from people who enter your premises, such as questions about their symptoms, recent travels, or interactions.


My Occ Health Record: Built for business

The MOHR Daily Health Check was designed for businesses. Our solution was built from the ground up with the needs of employers in mind, including the ability for employers to access the information down the track for their own contact tracing and remediation activities.

Since it was designed to be part of an employers’ overall health and welfare system, it includes:

  • the ability for employees and guests to respond to specific questions and supply additional information;
  • the ability to set notifications and flags to managers and leaders should something arise;
  • the ability to generate reports and analyses;
  • the ability to access the employee record and add to it over time;
  • the ability to store key documents like test results and vaccination status, and
  • much more..


The table below summarises some of the key differences between the MOHR Daily Health Check app and the NSW and Victoria apps.

Service NSW/Service Victoria App

MOHR Daily Health Check

QR code to easily access the system

Access the system without a phone

Data is securely stored

Questions customised to your business

Access to your employees’ data

Only government can access

Data available to assist contact tracing

Only government can access

Ability to store additional information such as employee documents

Data automatically deleted after 28 days

Ability to export a report for internal or third-party contact tracing purposes

Ability to integrate with other internal systems

QR code to track employee’s entry and exit

Track both regular employees and visitors in one app

Access historical data at any time

Free service

Government QR code check-in FAQs


Can I access the information that my employees submit?
No. The data is securely and safely stored, so you cannot access it.

Can I use the system to check who has entered my business, and when?
No, only the government can access data about the people who have entered your premises. You will have no access to this.

Can I use the system to track when my employees enter and exit the premises?
No. While the government systems can allow your employees to use the QR code to check in and check out, since you can’t access even the entry data, it can’t be used for you to keep track of employees coming in and out.

Can I use the system to run my own contact tracing operation internally?
No. Since you cannot access the data, you can’t use it to proactively do contact tracing for your own business, nor can you bring in a third-party expert to help you. You need to wait for the government to do this for you.

Can I use the system to store my employees’ COVID test results or COVID vaccination status, so that I can use this for future reference?
No. The system is not designed for you to be able to upload additional information or documents.

Can I integrate the system with my other internal systems, such as my HR software?
No. The system is designed to be a standalone solution that does not integrate with any of your existing internal systems.

Was the system designed to be part of an overall focus on employee health and welfare?
No. The system is designed for contact tracing purposes for the government.


MOHR’s check-in and contact-tracing solution

As you can see, MOHR’s Daily Health Check app has COVID-safe check-in ability and can be tailored to your needs and gives you greater control over the information stored. It can help you be a prepared, COVID-safe business and assist with business continuity.

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