The MOHR Remote RAT Review solution

My Occ Health Record has created technology to allow businesses to take control of their own RAT screening processes and to run them in ways that work best for their organisation.

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Why Remote Rapid Antigen Testing Review ?

The rapidly evolving COVID situation as caused employers to demand to take more control of who enters their facility, to comply with the local regulatory environment, but also to create a safe environment that solidifies greater business continuity and resilience.

Many businesses have turned to using workplace COVID Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) Screening to add another layer of protection in keeping COVID out of the workplace. But running such programs can be administratively cumbersome, due to the data to be captured, and hard to resource, as they rely on coordinating with third-party specialists.

My Occ Health Record has created technology, and an overall process, to allow businesses to take control of their own RAT screening processes, to run them in ways that work for their organisation, and to leverage their own internal resources.

This is the MOHR Remote RAT Review solution.

How does it work?

With MOHR Remote RAT Review technology in place, the process is simple.

At the start of the process, we’ll ship you the amount of RAT testing kits to your preferred location. We can establish a “subscription” service to regularly send out our required kit needs. Once you’ve set-up your RAT screening location at your facility or facilities, you are ready to begin.

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Overseen by a COVID Marshal: 

  • Your employee arrives at your own designated RAT screening area.
  • Using the MOHR Health Express Pass, they complete a quick health declaration, then consent to the RAT process.
  • The employee completes your workplace RAT screening process, following the instructions of the COVID Marshal.
  • Once the required time has passed for the RAT kit to produce results, the employee uses the MOHR app to take a picture of the RAT kit itself, and submit it for review.
  • Secure in a cloud-based data centre, our Health Practitioners* assess the result and score it as
  • Negative (i.e. “Passed”),
  • Non-negative (“Not Passed”), or
  • Invalid (“Do Again”)
  • The result is pushed immediately to the Employee’s MOHR app, which they then show to the COVID Marshal
  • The COVID Marshal directs the employee to the appropriate next step, following the process and plans that you’ve defined.
  • The employee can use the MOHR app to present their RAT screening result on demand, to security, management, health inspectors, or anyone else that needs to see the result.

*TGA regulations require a Health Practitioner {LINK to TGA definition of HP} to score the RAT results in the vast majority of workplace RAT situations. By using our centralised, on demand Health Practitioners, you stay within the regulations, but avoid the costly inconvenience of working with a third-party medical specialist.

The Role Of Covid Marshal

COVID Marshals are critical to the Remote RAT Review process, make sure that the on-the-ground processes are run according to your design, and that the overall testing standards are upheld. COVID Marshals do not need to be Health Practitioners, allowing you more flexibility in how to staff this important role.

The role of the COVID Marshal is to ensure compliance with all processes, to answer questions of employees in the lines, provide masks, provide RAT kits, supervise the test process itself, help solve problems, direct employees to the next steps and ensure employees follow the rules.

Through our relationship with Bodycare Workplace Solutions, we have created a certification program for COVID Marshals. This online training program allows you to certify your own staff as COVID Marshals, and take ownership and control of the process yourself.

COVID Marshal training can be purchased as part of the MOHR Remote RAT Review solution, or can be purchased separately here

Why My OCC Health Record

  • Through our corporate partner relationships, we can provide a solution that covers all the necessary components for a workplace RAT Screening program:
  • RAT testing kits
  • COVID Marshals
  • Health Practitioner Oversight
  • Technology to manage, track, and capture the data from the process
  • MOHR specialises in capturing, managing, and securely storing employee health data. We were born out of an occupational health company, and have been in the health tech space for over 20 years. We have health data in our DNA.
  • Privacy and security are critical to us, and we have built our platform with the highest levels of data security from the start. We are ISO 27001 certified for the strength and reliability of our Information Security Management Systems.
  • Our technology has rolled out to dozens of large corporates across Australia, and we can scale to meet the needs of any-sized organisation.
  • The MOHR Remote RAT Review solution puts your workplace RAT screening program in your hands. By providing a technology-based turnkey solution to you, you can build a program that works for you, is compliant with regulations, and it digital from the start.

Getting Set Up

To get started, click the Get Started button below.


You will be taken to our sign-up process, where we will ask you to provide:

  • Contact and shipping information
  • Payment for set-up and your first shipment of RAT kits
  • Information and contact details about the management team that will be running the process and accessing the admin portal of the system
  • A few other details

After you’ve signed up, we’ll supply you with:

  • A start-up kit, full of information for you to get the process started, including
  • Recommendations about how to set up your RAT screen facility
  • Posters and signage to help your team with the process and the technology
  • Marketing materials to communicate the new process to your employees and leaders
  • Reference documents for employees, managers, and others who need that little bit of extra help
  • Access to COVID Marshal online training, if you’ve purchased any
  • Access to online manager training for the admin portal

Once your RAT kits arrives, and your COVID Marshals are certified, you are ready to go, following your own schedule.


Useful Information

Current state guidelines about the use of RAT screening in workplace settings

Our position TGA submission on the Remote RAT Review solution

Product specification documents for the RAT kit provided by our partners



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