Contact Tracing and Case Management

In the unfortunate circumstance that one of your employees contracts COVID-19 or comes into close contact with a confirmed case, the My Occ Health Record platform offers contact tracing tools to immediately put your case management plan into action. From allowing employees to self-identify close contacts, to providing quick access to daily health record data, to providing a centralised location for your teams captured data and documentation, the system will help you keep ahead of the process, respond to the requirements of local health authorities, and get your operations back up and running faster. Our nationwide partner network of contract tracing and case management professionals can even take the whole process off your hands.

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Contact Tracing and Case Management Service: How it Works

The process kicks off by capturing initial close contact information in the MOHR platform. The affected employee enters close contact employees into the system. The employee is contacted by phone and interviewed within 2hrs of notification.

Case Management experts access the platform, review all relevant documentation and generate a report outlining likely close contacts. Following approval from client, notification and case management of ‘likely’ close contacts commences.

COVID cases and contact tracing information stored and managed in the My Occ Health platform, as one centralised, secure source of information.

MOHR Contact Tracing

What sets us apart

All Contact Tracers are experienced allied health professionals who possess the Infection Control and COVID-19 Contact Tracing Certification.

All advice and recommendations provided to COVID contacts and close contacts is clinically validated and in line with leading reputable COVID organisations.

Stakeholders and Managers have access to the My Occ Health Record Management portal, where all COVID-related information is stored and managed.

Contact Tracing and Case Management is streamlined through the use of leading-edge technology.

All COVID-19 health data is stored securely in line with Privacy & Medical Record Legislation.

"Providing you and your employee's with the confidence to know that it’s safe to enter the workplace."