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About My Occ Health Record

Over the last decade, we have developed and created an industry leading tech platform that has changed the way employers understand and manage the health of their workforce.

My Occ Health Record is a central hub that provides employers with a secure method for collecting, managing and storing all employee health data. My Occ Health Record not only stores and manages information, it provides clients with high level reporting and analytics, the ability to manage contractors, the functionality to communicate with key stakeholder groups including employees and the ability to automatically trigger reminders and assessment bookings to ensure compliance at all times.

The Occ Health Group

My Occ Health Record is a part of the wider Occ Health Group. The Occ Health Group’s mandate is to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of employees across all organisations globally, as at the end of the day everyone should be able come and go from work injury free.

Other businesses that fall under the umbrella of the Occ Health Group include: Bodycare Workplace Solutions, My Occ Health Record, Bodycare Workplace Solutions New Zealand and Healthworks Australia. Together this collective of business are able to provide clients globally with an end to end industry leading occupational health and data storage solution.

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